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Create vanity accomplishments

Inspired by Doug's "Who needs green cards anyway", http://boardgamegeek.com/thread/578522/who-needs-green-cards-anyway

Some ideas: Won with negative opponent, bought more than 10 green cards in a turn, won without ever buying money, played 20 actions in a turn

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      • WanderingWinder commented  · 

        I'd like one for running out piles of money. Usually this is going to be platinum of course, but one of my goals has long been to run out the coppers, which I recently accomplished (ah, mammoth goons hands).

      • permagoof commented  · 

        I've got no BOM badges now. Just to clarify, my issue was not so much with the badge itself as with the wording of the requirements. If you set the achievement more specifically to be something like "nothing purchased but money and victory cards", then it would be more accurate if it included games with lots of Great Halls, Nobles, etc.

        Of course, with the change to no action cards at all, I'm now curious if anyone has managed to get a BOM badge.

      • permagoof commented  · 

        I have this one showing for a game in which I bought 7 Great Halls. The achievement as worded implies that only money is purchased, but the presence of Islands, Great Halls, and Nobles would seem to diminish the accomplishment since these are also action cards.

      • MrHen commented  · 

        An Island is a Action/Victory card? I would imagine the requirement would be a deck with no Actions. This throws out Island and Great Hall but allows Curses.

      • david707 commented  · 

        Buying one or more Islands doesn't seem to stop you getting the BOMMinator achievement

      • Grujah commented  · 

        Mega-Turn: you buy all the starting Provinces (or Colonies) in a single turn.

      • I will implement at least the first 10 suggestions that come with nice graphic badges.

        I was thinkig it would be good to have the accomplishment also encode the level of the player that it happened against. So for example, maybe there would be a copper (any opponet) silver (opponent level >15) gold (opponent level > 30) and platinum (opponent level > 40) for each of the positive accomplishments, so we don't have people beating up on dummy accounts to get badges.

      • Matt Arnold commented  · 

        Trimbecile: Only one card left in your deck at game end or at your resignation.
        Trimpairment: No Treasure in your deck after turn 8.
        Trimmolation: At one point, there were only two cards left in your deck.
        Trimmunity: At one point there was no Treasure in your deck in a game that included a Treasure-targeting attack.
        Trimendous: Less than 10 cards in your deck at game end.
        Trimperial: Won, and had only two types of card in your deck at one point of the game.
        Trimendous: Had less than 7 cards in your deck after turn 6, and had 30 or more cards in your deck by game end.

        Slam: 20 or more points in one turn.
        Crash: 30 or more points in one turn.
        Charge: 40 or more points in one turn.
        KO: 50 or more points in one turn.
        Blitz: 60 or more points in one turn.
        Onslaught: 70 or more points in one turn.

        Lord: 60 or more points.
        Regent: 70 or more points.
        King: 80 or more points.
        Monarch: 90 or more points.
        Emperor: 100 or more points.
        Archon: 110 or more points.

      • Kirian commented  · 

        Oooh, ooh, pick me! (I'm a WOW player too... so these things come *really* naturally.) Here's a few to start:

        One-Trick Pony: Acquire 7 or more of a single Kingdom card and no other Kingdom cards.
        Specialist: Acquire all ten of a single Kingdom card.
        Researcher: Acquire 7 Alchemists or Laboratories.
        Evil Overlord: Acquire 7 or more Minions.
        When Does Cornucopia Come Out?: Acquire one of each Kingdom card.

        Oh look, pop culture references:
        Badges? We Don't Need No Stinking Badges: Win a game while holding no VP Tokens and your opponent holds 25 or more.
        No Whammies!: Win a game without using Action cards. (For those five people who don't get the reference, this would be the Big Money strategy. Now go study your game show history.)
        It's Good to be the King: Acquire 4 Throne Rooms or King's Courts.
        99 Problems: Acquire the majority of Harems.

        Protego: Deflect all attacks against you (and at least 5) in a single game.
        Crucio: Use the Torturer three times in a single turn.
        Imperio: Use Possession three times in a single turn.

        Game of Settlers Anyone?: Acquire 7 of a single Village-type card.

        Seven Wonders: Earn each of the following achievements:
        *The Mausoleum at Hallicarnassus: Trash 25 cards in one game.
        *The Temple of Artemis at Ephesis: Earn 25 VP Tokens using Bishops in one game.
        *The Statue of Zeus at Olympia: Earn 15 VP Tokens using Monuments in one game.
        *The Hanging Gardens of Babylon: Acquire a majority of Gardens *and* make Gardens worth as much or more than Provinces in the same game.
        *The Lighthouse of Alexandria: Acquire 7 Lighthouses in one game.
        *The Colossus of Rhodes: Acquire 7 Monuments in one game.
        *The Great Pyramid of Giza: Acquire at least 10 Pawns, Minions, and Native Villages, then win the game. (How did *you* think the pyraminds were built?)

        Yarrrr!: Acquire 4 Pirate Ships.
        Piece of Eight: Acquire 8 or more Pirate Ship Tokens.
        Landlubber: Win a game in which all of your opponents have at least one Pirate Ship, and you do not.
        Why's the Rum Gone?: Use a Pirate Ship at least 5 times in one game without acquiring a Pirate Ship Token.

      • michaeljb commented  · 

        Some more ideas: buying a village on one of first 2 turns, buying at least one of every kingdom card in a game, buy 5 differently named Victory cards, gifted a Province or Colony to an opponent (through Masquerade or Ambassador), more differently named cards in deck from Black Market than Kingdom, the possibilities go on...

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