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Create vanity accomplishments

Inspired by Doug's "Who needs green cards anyway", http://boardgamegeek.com/thread/578522/who-needs-green-cards-anyway

Some ideas: Won with negative opponent, bought more than 10 green cards in a turn, won without ever buying money, played 20 actions in a turn

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      • Daniel Echlin commented  · 

        My two more interesting wins have been:

        -win with no money card in hand. (Includes gutting your copper.)
        -win by buying all 10 curses in one turn.

      • Mister Alex commented  · 

        And along those lines, perhaps "Supermodel" for having Remodelled X cards in one game...

        "Subjugation" ... win a 3-player game with more points than the other 2 players combined
        "Domination"... win a 4-player game with more points than the other 3 players combined

      • Mister Alex commented  · 

        "The Donald" -- Trashed 3+ Apprentices

        Re Chris's transmute idea, maybe "Mad Scientist" for transmuting X cards in one game? (i.e. the accomplishment is for performing the transmute action X times)

      • chris commented  · 

        or maybe lab accident should be for a dubious laboratory accomplishment ... played x labs, but didn't buy anything?

      • chris commented  · 

        we played a 3 player in person game over the weekend with transmute. 2 of us laughed when the 3rd asked about transmute ... "it sucks"* ... "yeah i don't think i'll be buying any" ... well, my friend likes to learn for himself, so he bought one and soon was transmuting coppers to gain more transmutes ("see, it multiplies") ... he eventually figured it out when he played a cartographer and dejectedly declared "and discard 2 transmutes" ... so i was thinking maybe an accomplishment for gaining x transmutes ... lab accident? http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-OLvXphvHTWM/TWxPFHE8u8I/AAAAAAAAAFg/A5a-xHUjnJg/s400/lab%2Baccident.jpg chain
        reaction? i dunno...

        * yeah i realize there's a use for (nearly) everything, but this kingdom was not it

      • Mister Alex commented  · 

        "Walk-off Home Run" -- when you come from behind on your last turn to both end and win the game.

      • Mister Alex commented  · 

        Also, maybe "Moneyball" should be winning a game without ever buying a card costing $5 or more (base cost, can't use Highway/Bridge to get around it)

      • Mister Alex commented  · 

        Second the idea of using Sideways for a Vineyards achievement!

        And maybe something like Underboss/Mafia Don/Godfather for scoring 30/40/50 VP with Goons?

      • Mister Alex commented  · 

        Time Lord: played 10 (20?) Duration actions in one turn
        DHARMA Initiative: set aside 8+ Islands
        Arrested Development: Bought 3+ Develop cards without ever using them
        Browncoat: Browser crashed, forcing resignation while ahead 20+ points
        Fringe Division: Finished game with 5+ Potions and exactly 2 Bishops

      • Mister Alex commented  · 

        Snow White: played 7 Wharves in one turn


      • Mister Alex commented  · 

        O Canada!: Finish with exactly 10 Provinces and 3 Duchys (territories) [obviously only attainable in 3+ player games]

        Platinum Blonde: At game's end, have only Platinum and Gold Treasures (and at least 1 of each)

      • Mister Alex commented  · 

        TARDIS: Finish a game with a deck where the total of all "+X Card(s)" is higher than (or if that's too easy, then over double) the number of cards. Not sure if this is an easy one to program or not.

      • Mister Alex commented  · 

        Moneyball: Won a game with no Gold/Platinum in your deck
        Buy-More: Used 10 Buy-actions in one turn (or 15?)
        Criminal Mastermind: Used Tactician to discard 10+ cards
        Tour de France: Cycled through entire deck in 5 consecutive turns

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        How about multipiledriver (either for 2,3,4 piles each or just 3+ piles?). Diving through 1 pile is nasty but many is harder...


      • Anonymous commented  · 

        How about an achievement for Vineyard and Goons?
        Also, it'd be cool to see exactly how many points were gotten for the Archon and Onslaught badges.

      • Kevin Bourrillion commented  · 

        - X Lover - gained all available copies of card X in a single game (repeated for every card type)

        - Anticlimactic - shared a victory with two or more opponents

        - Duchebag :-) - at least 42 points from dukes and duchies alone

        - Blue ribbon - ended game with a Fairgrounds worth 8 VP

        - Gardener - ended game with a Gardens worth 6 VP

        - Banker - played a Bank worth $10

        - Look Out! - revealed three 6+-cost cards with Lookout

        - Goon Squad - acquired 42 VP tokens from Goons in a single turn

        - Surprise Attack - end the game on supply piles when those three piles had totaled at least 5 cards at the start of your turn.

        - King of the Joust - acquire all five prizes

        - De-model - remodeled a card into a card that costs less

        - Used Possession+Masquerade to send yourself a Province or Colony

      • Patrick Seebauer commented  · 

        What about
        (Cash Cow): use Trusty steed's silver-Gain more than twice

      • xcalibre commented  · 

        So what are the achievements?

      • fp commented  · 


        ("Penny Pincher") Winning by buying out the Coppers
        ("Estate Sale") Winning by buying out the Estates
        ("This card sucks?") Winning with an Opening Chancellor
        ("I thought it was Golf") Winning with a negative score
        ("Buzzer Beater") Winning by exactly one point
        ("Bully") Play an attack every turn after the fourth.
        ("The Biggest Loser") Losing with over 60 points.
        ("Oscar The Grouch") Trash more than 7 cards in one turn
        ("Puppet Master") Play more than 4 Possession in one turn.
        ("Dominator") Have at least one of each type of available victory card (and at least 1 chip, if available).

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